Barbara Baumann CNP, O.H.P., YT

Welcome to Global Nutrition Coach and Nutrition Coach Canada. It is our pleasure to offer you a holistic approach to your health. We cover all areas of health; mindset, exercise, food choices and finances.

Personally, I have been coaching nutrition and practicing yoga for over 12 years. Throughout those years I have travelled to many different locations and health retreats around the World learning about the indigenous plants, foods, and how they benefit, and support our intricate human body systems.

In my travels and meetings with many amazing healers I was also taught that the mind/body connection and the quality of our daily thoughts is as important as what we put in our mouth. Using this philosophy and insight, our motive is to help individuals on a holistic level. Meaning: we address not only food and physical activity, we look at mental and spiritual health with the same regard.

Having this knowledge at hand, I have created some great programs that can be adjusted to an individuals needs. These programs can be used in a one on one setting or organized for groups. 

I have recently created some simple to follow online programs. These nutrition programs are downloadable from the site. We are in the process of creating some incredible and intensive live lifestyle workshops, accessible from anywhere in the World via our online classroom.  We also offer retreats at beautiful destination locations in Costa Rica and the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.favourite 

It is my passion and great pleasure to guide you through your journey to optimum health.