1-3 - Day Fast

A key “how to” guide using recipes of fine homemade juice combinations, warm citrus waters, and/or adaptogens with anti-oxidizing botanicals. Depending on your needs we will offer the plan best suited for your intermittent fast. Practice this once a week or plan a few days to clean and cleanse your Temple.

This Program comes with a 3 – Day Pre and Post Cleanse Manager.

1-3 - Day Fast $27

5 - Day Reset

This quick and easy program is a great solution to getting back on track after indulging on a vacation or holidays. 5 days of planned, well calculated meal spacing along with the use of metabolism reseting foods that support the body’s detoxification process.

Another alternative to reset and an ancient Ayurvedic secret, the Kitchari Mono Diet. 5 days of specific spices, warm basmati rice and Dahl. Delicious and great for a winter fix.

Reset Your Life $47
5 - Day Ayurvedic Reset $47

30 - Day Healthy Weight Loss "Lighten Your Load"

A favourite among the health lifestyle enthusiasts. There are two programs to chose from.

The “Lighten your Load”  28 – Day Detox and healthy eating program. 7 days of Detoxing your body with fresh juices, and vegetables. 7 days of resetting your digestion. 7-14 Days of pure healthy eating. Recipe suggestions included. or, Isagenix 30- Day product and program. Consultation required.

30 days to Lighten Your Load $297

120 - Day Total Body Transformation

120 – Days to Total Transformation. Workout and meal plan with supplement protocol targeted to get you to your goal. Not for the faint hearted, for those who truly want change. Best Value for your Money. Consultation required. Two weekly coaching calls not included in program price.

Total Transformation $347

Personalized Programs

For those individuals who would like a full assessment and a program built specifically for their needs. Plan prices vary.

Initial 1 hr Assessment $107
Follow Up Appointment $57

"Product and Lifestyle Program"

The Isagenix 30 – Day Weight Loss System and Guide is just the beginning to total change of lifestyle and commitment to your health. It’s time to take control and be accountable for yourself!! This is an amazing program complete with two meals a day, high quality supplements, as well as the incredible “Cleanse for Life” special detoxifying herbs and botanicals to support healthy cellular rejuvenation. This is not a for now  fix, this is  forever  lifestyle change. 24 hour support and education included. Isagenix comes with a 30 – day Satisfaction Guarantee giving you a full refund on the products should you be dissatisfied.  You have nothing to lose but the weight… and everything to gain for your health.

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